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As a seasoned wedding photographer, I am very at home photographing parties.  From christenings at the Brompton Oratory in Knightsbridge to birthday parties on Ardingly reservoir in Sussex, I take a narrative led approach to create images which bring a party/gathering/reunion back to life...    To me, photographing parties is all about capturing the atmosphere, whilst remaining as discreet as possible.  I take a photojournalistic approach and just blend into the party, constantly looking for meaningful interactions and great compositions.


I really LOVE photographing parties, there's so much scope for story telling and vivid imagery.  So birthdays, get togethers, reunions, christenings, anniversaries, I photograph them all.  From the rustic party field in Lewes to a suite at the Dorchester, it all deserves to be photographed, so that you can immerse yourself back in the moment in years to come.  Photos have this magical ability to elevate our experiences and to indulge in our most precious memories.


I work on an hourly rate for private parties, with a minimum of a 2 hour booking.  Please get in touch if you've got something happening that you'd like to have photographed, there really is no moment too big or small to be photographed.

This page contains a selection of events to illustrate how the images work together and what you would expect to receive.


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