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This page aims to walk you through my approach, and fill you in on why photographing real, unforced moments is the most gorgeous way to capture your family...

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Where is Bubble&Bean based?

Bubble&Bean is based in Cuckfield (Haywards Heath - Mid Sussex) and specialises in photographing children, families and events/parties.


Bubble&Bean photographs are full of fun and personality, as are the sessions…


I mostly cover West Sussex and Greater London, but am more than happy to travel further afield to photograph families, events or parties.



I'm Soph, the photographer behind Bubble&Bean.  Back in 2007, I left my TV career (as a travel producer) to study for a Foundation Degree in Professional Photography.  I lived and breathed photography,  photographing everything from athletes to TV promos.  Then in 2010, I became a mum, my focus shifted and it suddenly became massively important to me to create photographs that were deeply personal to my clients.  So in 2012, I set up Bubble&Bean so that I could photograph other peoples families in the same emotive way that I photograph my own.

I know first hand, that life just flies by and memories fade bloomin’ quickly.  Our family photos are no doubt our most treasured possessions and as a family it’s 100% our most favourite indulgence to look through them and relive all those delicious moments.

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I set up Bubble&Bean in 2012, so that I could photograph other peoples families in the same emotive way that I photograph my own.

Outside of photographing families, I photograph around 15 weddings/year, 20 parties and around 10 brands.  My portfolio is pretty diverse, with the drive to make engaging, meaningful imagery at the core of everything I photograph.

Child Focused . Experienced. Huge Smile

About Me
"We cannot recommend Sophie highly enough. She is the best money you will ever spend! Her photos are magical and will give you memories to last a lifetime." Susie 

Happy Kids Happy Parents = Great Photos  

About You


You want to remember your families charm, quirks, mannerisms, humour, expressions, habits, laughs, chemistry... you want their PERSONALITIES captured. The idea of being ordered around by a bossy photographer is a total turn off, and is definitely not going to produce images that are reflective of your family.


You love nothing more than indulging in your memories and reminiscing with the kids.  You're constantly getting your phone out, snapping away, but you're never in the photos and well if you're taking the photo then you're just not truly immersed in the moment.  


You'd like your home to be full of gorgeous photos of your family, which are truly them...  REAL MOMENTS, that make you feel all warm and fuzzy, that make time stand still.

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About You
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My Approach


If there's lots of fun stuff planned, that you know your kids will engage with, in locations which carry meaning then it’s 100% down to me create the images and capture the personality of your family.  

The shoots take place in your favourite places, doing everyday things; you set the scene (walks in the park, lunch, brunch, cooking, games, sports, craft - the opportunities are endless) and I photograph the family dynamic in a laid back natural way.  My number one priority is to record you exactly as you are, in a timeless way for the future, those day to day moments and essence of who you are as a family.  I work with you to make your photography session hugely enjoyable and totally relaxed. Most importantly you will end up with a set of images that really mean something.

My Approach

If we drop all the rules for a couple of hours, let the kids take the lead, shower them in attention and treats, then they're going to be their best selves.  If they're happy, then you're relaxed because they're having a brilliant time and the photos are full of personality... Easy right??!

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The Process

The Process


Once you're booked in, I will email you a pdf  session guide.  We will also have a chat on the phone, so I can help you plan a winning session, from activities to locations.  


The session guide will contain a pre-session checklist, to ensure you get the most out of your Bubble&Bean photoshoot.

I always come with a bag of age appropriate stuff  ('bribes!!'),  to make sure that the kids have an awesome time and almost forget they are have their photo taken.

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My number one mission is to get images of you in a very real way, so there is no pressure for perfect behaviour, and certainly no need for self conscious posing. You set the scene and I photograph it unfold.  It's my job to make everyone comfortable and capture your family. 


I think the biggest misconception of family photoshoots is that they're weird or awkward.  Photographing real moments, negates all that and most people feel like they've known me for years and are surprised by how quickly the shoot flies by and how much they enjoy it.


Within 2 weeks of your session,  you will receive a private online gallery from which you can view and download your full-size edited images.  


Once I have delivered your images, I will be in touch to see if you need any help with prints, frames and image selection. It can be seriously difficult choosing which images to put on the wall , so I am available to guide you through the process.  

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As for me... I married my first love (Olly), I'm a mum to Herbie and Arlo (9yrs and 10yrs), am the youngest of 3 girls, live in my forever home in Sussex, have watched everything on Netflix (seriously), listen to 6 music religiously, have over 50 jumpsuits, am a crisp addict, am a trainer collector, have too many nicknames, do a seriously good Scouse accent and am a terrible singer.

Would you like to chat?

It can be a bit of a minefield choosing someone to photograph your family.  So the best way to get a decent understanding of how it works and if we're a good fit, is to have a chat on the phone. 

So please do get in touch, Iet me know a few details about your family and I will give you a call to chat everything through.

I respond to all enquiries within 24 hours so if you haven't heard from me then please check you junk folder as my emails sometimes end up in there!!

The Barn,

Ockenden Lane,



RH17 5LD

07887 884 997


Contact Me
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Contact Soph

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