Bubble and Bean Experience Films

The Bubble & Bean Experience FILMS combine the images from your shoot, cool music and kooky stop motion photography in a short film that can be shared online, burnt to DVD and watched for years to come. What the films do is massively highten the way in which you consume your images.... the films are an indulgent and utterly beautiful way to package up your photographs.  They're evocative and full of life, a pure treat.

What is stop motion photography?

Here at Bubble&Bean Family Photography we love stop motion photography and use it with family photography to create our bespoke Bubble & Bean Experience films. Stop motion photography works by shooting a single frame of an object or person, then moving the object/person slightly and shooting another frame. When the images run continuously, the illusion of fluid motion is created. This is similar to the animation of cartoons or flip books and gives our films a nostalgic, cine-quality as well as allowing you to enjoy your family photos in story form as well as stand-alone pictures.