Bubble and Bean Dog Photography

Never work with animals or children hey??!!  Well I love photographing both... I take a different approach to photographing dogs as I do to photographing families.  Rather than aiming for a series of natural documentary images I am looking for several beauty shots which I can then put together into a diptych to create a piece of wall art of your dog.  I tend to shoot outdoors in natural light, finding an interesting backdrop and photographing the dog in a very still beautiful way.  

Some dogs are exceptional at sitting still and looking regal, others struggle with the excitement and I have to work a little bit harder to get their shot!!!  So long as they are reasonably obedient off the lead and will respond well to treats then I can capture their image!

There are such a huge array of beautiful walking spots around Sussex to photograph your dog.  My favourite spot is Cuckfield recreation ground, but I will happily travel to wherever your fav local vista is.