Photographing friends...

So when we moved to Cuckfield from South London we left behind lifelong friends and opened the door to new amazing friends in Cuckfield. So inevitably the lifelong friends slip away from your everyday life and they become like family that you see intensively every other month or so, your kids become like cousins and fall straight back into their easy way of being together… so this is what happened this weekend, although I only got my camera out for a dog walk in New England woods (which is literally on our doorstep) and a play in the garden after lunch.

I love weekends with our newly named ‘London friends’, we’ve all known each other for at least 20 years and consist of 5 families… feel blessed.

Anyway here are a selection of the images, mostly of the kids. These are my pals and their kids but this is basically what I do when I photograph the lives of my clients.