Baby Jessica’s photoshoot in Barnes, South London

5 months old and the sweetest ball of smiles that you could meet.  So it’s an utter treat when I’m booked to photograph just a baby and their parents.  Most Bubble&Bean photoshoots consist of 2+ kids engaged in an energetic combination of games, cooking, walks, crafting and all round interactive fun….  With babies it’s back to basics, there’s less narrative and the images are stripped back.  


The are two schools of thought when it comes to photographing babies; 


  1. the reportage/documentary/candid/photojournalist approach 
  2. the fine art approach


So as with my approach to photographing families with older kids I photograph babies in a natural candid way.  This means that I don’t do stylised shoots with newborn babies in which they are swaddled in cashmere and surrounded in whicker and flowers.  It’s all very personal with regards to how you want your baby photographed, there’s no right or wrong way, just different approaches, both requiring their own unique set of skills.


Baby Jessica was the easiest baby to photograph as she was alert and smiley, with not the slightest bit of separation anxiety… which meant that I got heaps of cuddles, gooogooogaagaaas and brilliant responses to my silly faces!


If you are thinking of having your baby photographed in a natural relaxed way by a baby centric nut then please do get in touch.  You only need an hour to get all those gorgeous nuances, as take it from someone who knows those early years become a blur and I still regularly look through baby pictures of my two boys and it’s the most deliciously indulgent treat…. although comes with a WARNING - it’s massively broody inducing!!!


Here’s a few pics from Jessica’s Bubble&Bean baby photoshoot.



Soph xx