The Bubble&Bean website has had a facelift!!

So as a photographer that specialises in kids and parties I thought it was about time I had an events page on my site.  I can be hired for as little as an hour and all my fees include a usb with print ready beautifully retouched images.... in other words I don't hold your images to ransom!!!

So whether you are looking for a photographer for a kids party, family party, a prom, a 21st, a wedding anniversary, a 30th/40th/50th/60th/70th (you get the gist??!), a drinks party, a dinner party, a gig, a concert, a bbq, a sports match... well I'm available!

Photographing children’s parties is a seriously niche area; not only does it require experience and skill but also a child centric persona.  It requires someone who the kids respond to, who wholeheartedly embraces the nuttiness of childhood and has the skill to photograph it with meaning.  As I reduce the number of weddings I shoot per year to 15 I’ve started to look at other options.  I’m making a move across to party photography (mostly kids) as it’s a perfect fit for me and the stage of life that I’m at.

I've also added a testimonials page to my site so that you can hear about me straight from the horses mouth!!