Child Photographic Portraits in the Haywards Heath area of Mid Sussex (Cuckfield)

Ah I do love a secret, like LOVE a secret….  So when Tammy (a fellow Cuckfield mumma) invited Tamsin and I on a convert mission to photograph her kids (Euan 6yrs and Maisie 10 yrs) in the Hipster Diptych Photographic Studio in Cuckfield, we were seriously excited.

So this secret mission was all in the aid of Dill’s (Tammy’s husband) birthday, and for maximum impact it had to be kept a SECRET!!!  The images had to be shot, and turned into a piece of wall art all without a whisper to Dill…  not so easy with a six year old in the mix.  Everyone knows that the favourite hobby of the little people is to share a secret, especially with their dad!!

Tammy chose the classic Hipster Diptych vintage floral backdrop as she preferred the lighter touch as opposed to the heavier velvet backdrops from House of Hackney.  Tammy also had a secret weapon up her sleeve in that she is Tammy Scissorhands at….  Tammy came armed with glitter and hairpieces to turn Maisie into a unicorn, at Maisie’s request.

Such an awesome shoot.  Sometimes the stars align and this was one of those.  For me one of the wonders of photographing children’s studio portraits is the process.  The kids usually enter in trepidation then like a flower blossoming they rummage through the props and the costumes, bathe in compliments, drown in sugar, bob along to up beat tunes and boom - they BLOSSOM!!  The tender age of ten is so interesting, self conscious and beautifully innocent, Maisie started off shy and by the end she was this confident beautiful super model, empowered by her Hipster Diptych experience, she loved it and it was such a buzz to be part of her having such a great time.  Boys are a different kettle of fish in front of the Hipster Diptych camera, regardless of their age they show off, they’re given a license to goof around and they go for it, again a lot of fun.

So after we nailed the shots for the wall art we had a bit of a play using our new panelled grunge backdrop, brought at the spectacular  I love the grunge feel and the new backdrop will definitely be part of future shoots.

So THANK YOU Tammy for your beautiful children and for all your creative energy and your awesome skillz with da hair!!

Oh and the biggest testament to the success of the photoshoot is the reaction to the final framed print….  and well it reduced Dill to a blubbering ball of tears, big TICK, mission accomplished.

Here are a selection of some of the pics both behind and in front of the scenes??!?!?!!!