Glamping in Norfolk

Last summer was nuts, with work, garden renovations, school holidays, it was my most full on summer so far as a mum!!


Amid the mayhem there was a long weekend of utter gorgeousness with my old school friends and their families.  Three nights in Norfolk, glamping in bell tents, playing cricket, drinking too much Prosecco, eating too much BBQ and playing ping pong in the dark???!?!??!?!!


So I barely got my camera out which is such a shame, but I just got lost in the weekend…. it happens, even to us photography junkies!!


So here are a few images, nothing fancy but a lovely reminder of that magic that still exists after 24 years of friendship - and how without the aid of genetics our kids have inherited that magic connection and although they don't all see each other much they get on like cousins.  Feeling all warm and fuzzy thinking about it, blurgh!!