Good Old Fashioned Fun - photographing a 7th birthday hang out in Brighton

Three 7 yr old boys PLUS one 9 yr old boy PLUS one 6 yr old boy PLUS three 13 yr old girls PLUS four mums PLUS one dad


Tom’s 7th BIRTHDAY party


So when you think of a 7 yr olds party, you’re thinking football, disco, laser tag, bowling, magician…. so when Tom invited 4 friends to Brighton to hangout on the beach, and try and the Scoop&Crumb experience I knew I had to bring my camera along (Tom is a mate of Herbie my eldest  - the youngest of the gang at 6 yrs old).

So I figured out that the way in which my kids socialise with other kids in the village is pretty one dimensional.  They play at school, they learn together, then they have playdates which are generally 1-2-1 and at each others houses.  At weekends we mostly hang out with family or London friends and their kids.  It’s pretty rare to take a bunch of local kids out on a day trip but after this I really want to do a lot more of it, the kids spend so much time together at school that they know each other well, so seeing them together in the big wide world was pretty cool.  

After getting the train to Brighton, which in itself was an adventure for the excitable gaggle of boys we headed down to the beach.  On the beach we canned going on the 360 as we could barely see past the end of our noses with the fog, but it really didn’t matter, throwing stones and jumping off rocks was all they needed.

For all the photography nerds out there I kept it really simple, shooting on a 50mm L series prime lens, never stopping down much beyond f2.8.  Due to the fog and the light that slowly burnt it’s way through it was literally perfect conditions for shooting.  If you are going to have your camera out at mid day then this is the type of light that you want.

I thought it’d be fun to shoot a stop-motion film, get a bit of movement and atmosphere in there.  For the moment here are some of the stills, I’ve yet to cut the film but can’t wait, the day was screaming out for stop motion!!

So after the beach, the stone throwing, the statue climbing, the pig backing, the rock jumping antics we went up through the lanes to Scoop&Crumb (  Ok drum roll please… Tam had pre-ordered an 18 SCOOP sundae, yep, 18 SCOOPS!!!!  This is literally like any sugar monkies dream, everyones eyes were on stalks and not just the sugar frenzied kids, us adults too.  It was insane, there were frozen pieces of fruit, peanut brittle, smarties, about 6 different sauces and 10 different ices cream flavours plus a mountain of cream.  The totally gross thing is that we finished it - bye bye diet!!

So here are some of my fav images of the day - I will get the film up as soon as I have cut it.