The Hipster Diptych Travelling Photo Salon - Taking a fresh approach to photographing kids - same ethos, different product!

So as a family photographer I’ve always been a big one for photographing kids in their own environment, capturing the family dynamic in a series of images…. 


So why the new approach, why photograph kids in the studio??


Well I haven’t given up as a photojournalist, and I haven't given up on trying to capture the essence of kids, far from it.  I felt though that I could use my experience as a portrait photographer to create quite stylised portraits of kids.  The idea was to take all the lighting skills I’d built up over the years of shooting for TV and advertising and to combine it with the ability to get kids excited.


So when my very talented art director friend (Tamsin) and I started discussing the potential, the Hipster Diptych Travelling Salon was born.  We came up with the concept of creating highly personalised images of kids that were designed specifically as WALL ART.  We’d apply the styling and aesthetic of the commercial world with highly personalised graphics on the boards that the kids would be photographed holding… boom!!


We have just completed our first official Salon, photographing 6 sets of siblings in one day at the Hayloft at The Talbot in Cuckfield (Sussex).  The images are more than we could have hoped for and over the last 48 hours we have poured over every pixel.  So the images are cooking and the families will receive their images this week.  We will post a few images once we deliver but in the mean time here are a few behind-the-scene images from our Cuckfield photo adventure.