Photographing families on Wimbledon Common - THE perfect setting #family #photography #documentary

I approached with care, I had been warned, the kids are excited, mum is keen BUT daddy is not a fan of having his photo taken.


So I thought I’d need to be on the charm offensive, try to make the shoot at least bearable for the dad.   I was not expecting to be greeted by one of the most charismatic men I’ve ever met, who wholeheartedly led the shoot in a series of goofy antics…. few, big relief!!


Being folk of the SW19 variety it seemed a natural move to head onto Wimbledon common, walk around the lake and then head back to Southfields for a cuppa and more fun.


Firstly the girls are just divine, their temperament, their beautiful big eyes, but it was their adoring parents that made the shoot.  It was all so easy, and as a result they were all incredibly relaxed infront of the camera.  The photographs are just beautiful and really capture the family dynamic, and the film even made me cry and I’m not even related to them, ha!!


So please enjoy the film, it’s a beaut!!


Soph xx