A look inside a photographer's holiday snaps - turning the Bubble&Bean camera on my own family!

I spend the majority of my time photographing other peoples lives, so every now and again when I photograph my own family, well it’s an indulgence and a massive perk of the job, having such beautiful memories wrapped up in these delicious images…


So last summer (August 2015) we headed up to north Wales on our annual summer holiday to our little slice of paradise on Llanbedrogg beach.  Paradise conjures up images of white sand, palm trees, infinity pools, gin on your cornflakes (?!?!?)…. so this is NOT that, it’s better!!!  It’s ferrel kids, roaming the beach at 6am in pjs, sitting on walls eating fish and ships, building dams, running naked in the waves, digging giant castles, eating, singing, dancing in the rain, bonfires, sharing baths, laughing, all without a care in the world.  I know that regardless of how busy we’ve been (and believe me last summer was the busiest I have EVER been work wise), it all just floats away once the journey down the long steep drive to Foxhole starts.


So I wrote a long blog post about our trip in the summer of 2014 …  which you can read here http://www.bubbleandbean.com/blog-bubble-bean-photography/2014/8/19/soul-food-family-fun-in-north-wales (saves me repeating myself on the sentimental stuff!).


This year my oldest friend (well she’s more of a sister really), her man and two daughters came with us.  Now Danine (my bff) and I used to come to Foxhole together when we were kids.  Our grandparents had worked together and our parents were great friends, so two weeks of every summer all 10 of us would squeeze into Foxhole for our ‘summer holiday’.  Danine hadn’t been back for 25 years, so it was a HUGE trip down memory lane for her, and incredible to see our kids playing on the beach in exactly the same way that we used to play.  We were blessed with the weather (which is totally unpredictable) and had such a gorgeous week of good old fashioned fun, and a much need recharge for everyone.


Photography wise, I didn’t go nuts and take my camera everywhere but I got lots of the kids on the beach, and they just look so happy and healthy, such a boost to see when you’re emerging from what feels like the eternal winter.  So after having a full on year in 2015 we got back from Foxhole, I dumped the images on a hard drive and then completely forgot about them.  Now this week has been awful, we’ve all had the norovirus and feel completely drained… so as I was beginning to feel better and Arlo was sleeping on the sofa I thought I’d have a peak at the Foxhole images, see what I had.  OMG honestly, it completely rejuvenated me, all the memories started flooding back, vivid gorgeous memories and it was such a huge boost.  The power of photography is insane, it’s not just a record and memory aid, it’s a reflection of you, your subjects and pretty much everything in between. This trip down memory lane serves as a strong reminder of how very quickly memories can fade and how it’s all the seemingly insignificant moments that hold so much power in years to come.  I will eventually put a stop motion film together but for the moment here are some favs from a series of over 450 images!!


Tech talk

I only took my 5D mark 111 and my 50mm 1.2 L series lens.  No faff, kept it simple, just meant I had to work harder and move around more to get the shots, which is always a good thing I think!!