Fab new stop-motion film...

It’s been a while since I blogged, so lots to share...  the summer has been immensely full and utterly rewarding.  Every weekend has seen me immersed in the love and life of others and has left me amazed by my insatiable appetite for documenting life.  The more I shoot, the more I notice, the more I crave to accomplish true meaning within my coverage....  Excuse the gush, it’s been a long week and well I love what I do, I pour so much of myself into it, that it’s hard not tolet it all escape in a big flood of gooeyness every now and again.


I’ve had some great Bubble&Bean shoots this summer in which the families have whole heartedly embraced the Bubble&Bean experience and just GOT IT!!  So they threw themselves into their shoots, indulging their children, and showering them in fun and love, as a result the images are full of soul, full of life and utterly true to themselves.  At the end of the day what I set out to achieve with Bubble&Bean is a set of images which work together asseries to tell the story of your family, amidst the mayhem there are some formal group shots but by the time we hit those the kids are so at ease in front of the camera that there isn’t an awkward ‘cheese’ grin in sight.


This is a film from my fav B&B shoot of the summer... this gorgeous family really got the most out of their shoot, by following the simple number 1 rule of; BE PREPARED!!  By preperared I’m talking about stuff to set the scene, they brought a teddy bears picnic, balls, outfit changes, ginger bread making kit, toys...  This made my life incredibly easy as the kids were occupied, interacting with their parents, whilst I documented... Here’s the resulting film, really fab.




I’ll be updating the B&B site soon with lots of fresh faces that I’ve photographed over the summer.  We’re taking christmas voucher bookings now... a B&B shoot makes a great christmas present, we provide gorgeous vouchers which are valid for one year from their purchase.