Bubble&Bean Family Photographers of Cuckfield are now photographing funky portrait montages



In a complete deviation from my normal photojournalistic approach to photographing a family I am now testing the waters with a shoot that is engineered entirely for the creation of some wall art for your home.


So what you get - 


A large framed print made up of a series of fun studio lit portraits of your kids holding up a board with the text of your choice in a medley of different languages..  The Bubble&Bean favourite is “I Love You” .


As well as this you get a usb memory stick containing the full site jpegs of both the montage image and the individual portraits.


The cost of this is £275.


And here’s the concept - 


A beautiful FUN montage of  images of your kids goofing around, wearing moustaches, silly hats, wigs, and well just being kids…


Stylistically the images are heavily lit with off camera strobe lights (aka flash), which creates a very filmic beautiful effect.


In the post production my graphics guru and creator of the concept Tamsin puts in the text (I shoot the images using a plain black board) and grades the images to give them a signature cross processed kind of vibe (think of a VERY posh instagram??!?!).


“What an absolutely amazing present. You are a super talented wonderful lady and the photos you took of my little buggers is the best bloody present ever.  Super duper huge thank you. Xxxxxxxxx” Annabel (her friends sneakily arranged this as a surprise for her 40th)