My Pal Evie

Ok so I know that favourites are a nono, but seriously this little whirlwind is a total one off and she is my crazy red haired god daughter Evie.  No secret that I love kids and believe me I’ve never met a child that I didn’t think was fab in some way or another but Evie I have a massive soft spot for.  Firstly she calls me Crazy Aunty Sophie, which I love.  But mostly I love that she is all about the fun, that she does things totally her way and takes no prisoners.  I get a massive kick out of her cuddles as they are only granted to the lucky few, and she really doesn’t like them!!  So BIG UP to the legend that is EVIE.... And here she is at Herbie’s 4th birthday party, looking every bit the girl she is.

Love you little lady.