B&B in unchartered territory

So we at B&B have had our first celeb shoot, and for the sake of their privacy, he shall be Mr Big and she will be Carrie, their two boys will be Bill (4yo) and Ben (6yo).

We were on the edge of some serious rain, it was holding off but the nerves weren’t.  I left way too early so I cruised the local streets for 45 mins waiting for kick off, this didn’t help the nerves.  Don’t get me wrong the nerves weren’t to do with Mr Big’s role in the public eye, there were plenty of other reasons.  I hadn’t spoken to Mr Big directly, everything was through his agent and I had no idea if they knew what to expect, whether they would have activities planned, whether there’d be lots of fun interaction with the kids.  The shoot was also taking place on a school day at 4pm so the boys were inevitably going to be tired and the parents busy with checking work emails and so on.  So I had concerns but really that was daft because as soon as Mr Big opened the door to the most stunning house I’ve ever been in, I melted.  Mr Big is like a big handsome bear, so warm and welcoming.  His mega pad was styled by him, and his taste is so sophisticated and evolved, I was in awe.  His style is rooted in midcentury and industrial influence, but so uniquely his.  As anyone who knows me knows that I’m an interiors addict, I just wish my taste was half as refined as Mr Bigs!!  So in terms of the location, big tick, the dad, a big tick too.

So back to the shoot... It was not long before Carrie arrives back with Ben and I realise that Carrie hasn’t seen the website and isn’t quite sure what she’s let herself in for.  She’s also preoccupied with work, but again just like Mr Big she is so warm, which has calmed me and despite them not having anything prepared the shoot flows.  The B&B goodie box is raided and the games begin.  There’s football, water fights, silly string battles, bubbles, Kurplonk, boules and snuggles on the sofa.  Before I know it it’s 6pm and I head off.

I definitely left with the warm fuzzy feeling of having met a really lovely family with two boisterous, charismatic football mad little guys, who will undoubtedly follow in their daddies footsteps, they are born performers.

So B&B shoots can be chaotic and unprepared and still work, however I still stand by my last blog by saying the more you put in the more you get out.