B&B Shoots: The Blueprint: Meet The Baileys

On a beautiful May morning I was greeted by the Baileys in Cannizaro Gardens, and from the moment I set eyes on their four enormous grins, I knew this was going to be a fab shoot.  The Baileys are full of positive vibes, not in a hippy dippy kind of way but in a very harmonious and joyful way.   But I guess I knew it was going to be a cracking shoot because they had invested so much thought into it pre-shoot.  Mrs B had been chatting to Kate on the lead up, discussing everything from music to stop-motion to outfits.  They loved the people focused B&B stop-motion sequences, especially when families cross the screen in a comical way, so we found a deliciously textured wall and they did their thing.  They also had a good think about what their kids love doing and had a whole back catalogue of role plays and games that we rattled through, from hurling balls at each other to bundling in the bedroom.  Then there was cake making and dancing.  Throughout all of these shenanigans the key thing was fun interaction between parents and kids.  By keeping the flow of the shoot going with lots of pre-planned fun, Mr and Mrs B were able to lavish their kids in attention and because of that they got bucket loads of images loaded with emotion.  They also knew what shots were a must, which helps!

So if you are planning on booking a shoot with us, have a look at ‘Meet The Baileys’, it really is the blueprint shoot.  You also might want to think about the following:

Do you want to choose your own music?  We source all our tunes from themusicbed.com, check it out.
Do you want just people focused stop-motion or do you like a bit of quirky stuff too, like toys moving on their own?
Do you have a list of ‘must have’ shots?
Where do you want to have your outside location?  Think of somewhere relevant to your family.
What do you enjoy doing together?  Come up with 5 things that your kids love doing; crafts, games, role play, cooking, den building and so on.
Does it matter what you wear?  This is always a tricky one, and we always say look like the best everyday you, keep it real.  In other words put a bit of slap on, do your hair and wear flattering clothes.  You don’t need to don heals, a posh dress and have the kids in ‘Sunday Best’, just be you, B&B is a massively down-to-earth get-up.  

We are always keen pre-shoot to help out with ideas and talk it all though.  Like anything, the more you put in the more you get out. The planning doesn’t have to be a lengthly process, just a bit of thought goes a long way.  Create scenes which engage the kids and allow you all to interact and have fun, I then just shoot it as it happens.  This keeps the vibe relaxed, no awkward posing or creature comfort style kiddie smiles, just lots of clowning around, and lots of tender parent/child moments.

So THANK YOU Armelle, Tom, Sophie and Nicholas, I had a brilliant time with you guys, and am thrilled with the pics.

Soph xx