Turning Tables

As someone who loves nothing more than to view life through the lens, it was a bit of an eye opener to be on the receiving end.  I’m of course talking about our recent profile shoot to get some shots of Kate and myself, the kind of thing that we can use on the website, press and so on.  Eye lashes were applied, nails polished, hair straightened, but of course nothing ever runs smooth.  The youngest of my two boys decided that he wanted to sit in the car and scream like a banshee for half an hour whilst we all twiddled our thumbs, it was only the sight of me doing the funky chicken around the car that pulled him out of it.  So if you were at Cannizaro Gardens last week and saw a slightly manic 30 something year old woman flapping around squawking, that was me!!

Kate and I felt as if we were doing an engagement shoot and spontaneous fits of giggles ensued as we pouted and goofed around.  The sun was strong and bright, the kids were on edge, the models (us) were daft, but by some miracle my gorgeous photographer friend Si managed to get the shots in the bag, phew!

So here are a selection, maybe you can get a sense of who we are from these, and who the clown in this partnership is, (heeerrrrr hmmmmmm)!