Meet the Webbs - A Slice of Life

Cheeky balls of energy, that’s what little boys are, and I love them!! I spent the morning with the Webbs chucking about boules, blowing bubbles and learning all about Skylanders. Connor and Jasper are delicious and Jasper in particular just loved the camera, and was throwing all sorts of shapes.

We started off in the stunning Cannizaro Gardens, a pretty special place (it’s where I married Olly), and there’s nothing like an early start on a cold sunny morning to make you feel alive. Spot the spotless labradoodle roamed the gardens whilst we walked and embraced the competitive spirit with a family game of boule. Rugby ball, dog, kids, wellies piled into the car, back to Raynes Park for a cuppa and Skylanders. A lovely morning had by all and some lovely memories in the vault.

Here are a few of Kate and my favs from the shoot and of course their film.  Music by the talented Bella Ruse (An animal A Natural)

Over and Out

Soph xx