Don’t be seduced by one pretty picture...

So this week has consisted of a series of both eye opening moments and soul crushing cringes.

Where to start?  This week has been about spreading the word about Bubble&Bean, posting flyers through doors and targeting dads for Mothers Day, by standing outside tube stations handing out flyers.

The Eye Opener Moment - I kind of just assumed that the value in the Bubble&Bean approach to photographing a family was obvious.  I mean who wouldn’t want their families immortalized in such a beautifully real way?  Everything we do here is about heightening the experience of remembering, making it a nostalgic and utterly indulgent process.  But people are amazingly seduced by one off beauty shots of their kids in flower pots or the like.  I’m not knocking it, it’s kitsch and it can look fun on the wall.  There’s a big BUT though, it doesn’t capture the essence of the family.  We at Bubble&Bean are highly tuned in to the family dynamic and photograph you all being you.  We do it like this to get the emotion and the adventure that defines each family, and makes them unique.  We do take beautiful portraits but amongst the series of images that our clients receive the majority of the images are part of strong narrative, it’s story telling that oozes with atmosphere.  The way in which we consume our images is absolutely paramount to our enjoyment of them, that’s why the Bubble&Bean films are so successful, it’s an innovation that allows us for 3-4mins soak up our family, to laugh, cry and most importantly to remember.

Soul Crushing Cringes - Ok so naive as I am, it never really registered on my radar that doing what I love would require me to be good at things other than photography....  So this week it’s hit me harder than ever, as I stood outside tube stations handing out Mothers Day Special flyers, I was grunted at, waved away but mostly ignored.  It was the odd person who smiled and said thank you when I gave them a flyer that kept me going.  

So this was a bit of a rant post.  I LOVE photographing people, whether it’s a family, a party, on the street, at a wedding.  People are inherently interesting and it is always a challenge to come up with really strong images, beautifully timed moments with super strong story telling.

Ok rant over peeps.