The Who, The What and The Why...

This is the who, the what and the why post.  The post that starts things rolling, I write like I speak so please bear with me, I promise great things.

The Who
I’m Sophie; photographer, mum and founder of Bubble & Bean.  I’ll be posting alongside my good pal Kate Gee; writer, mum and the Bubble & Bean studio manager.

The What
Anything Bubble & Bean related is a dead cert, but alongside a diary of our shoots will be the influences at HQ.  Our influences are literally anything from the music we’re listening to whilst retouching, the new stop-motion we’re viewing, the podcasts we’re into, the TV we squeeze in, literally anything within the arena of the visual arts, the media and family life.  We’ll also be posting experimental films of our kids and the fun stop motion ideas we are playing with.

The Why
We’ve both spent over ten years working in the media, shooting all over the world, exhibiting in some great spaces, meeting some seriously interesting people, telling peoples stories, and the common thread has always been passion.  We have always lived life to the full and loved every second of telling other peoples stories.  Then both Kate and I had kids and life changed and we started to make these films, so that we could stop time, after all what was the point of having all this creativity and experience if you weren’t even going to document your own family.  So that’s how it started, at home.  Once other people saw the images and watched the films, we were bowled over by the response and set up the business.  As for the Bubble & Bean name, that was a mad rambling of random words over one Sunday lunch with old friends in Brixton, and after spouting a string of random words, we stopped at Bubble & Bean as it just made sense.  Kids are full of beans, they’re called a bean before they’re born, they’re bubbly and make you feel like you’re living in one, it works on lots of levels, I hope!!

So enjoy the ride, we hope to post at least once a week.  There’ll be shoot news, family inspiration, cultural rambles and most definitely some left of field films.