“Model, model on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?”

The answer is most definitely little Lawson...  Charm and fun just oozes out of this gorgeous little boy’s face.  So Lawson is the son of one of my pals and she fancied some head shots of Lawson to send to some modeling agents.  With those big twinkly eyes and that easy going temperament he was extremely good to work with, no drama at all, I just got him in some good light and he did the rest.


Tips for taking beauty shots of your kids:

-Get them settled in a spot where the natural light is good, with Lawson I put him next to a large full length window which gave a beautifully soft wrap around light.
-Get the child’s mum or dad to get next to you and engage with the child.  This avoids the horrible creature comfort style smiles that kids pick up way to early.  You basically need them to give you lots of natural, impulsive smiles, and getting a parent involved is the best way.
-If you are using a shallow depth of field then make sure you focus on the child’s eyes, preferable the one closest to the camera.
-Get down on the child’s level, it relaxes the child and aestheitcally perspective is everything.
-Make sure you watch your foreground and background as to avoid anything distracting.
-Whip out something visual like a cool rattle or toy animal that the parent can show them, their reaction may make a good beauty shot.

Here are a selection of some of our favs here at B&B HQ.