Ooops I Did It Again!!


So after a summer of wallowing in the agony of my broken foot and then an autumn of upheaval with the never ending move to Sussex I totally broke my promise (for the 100th time) to blog about my photographic endeavours.


So despite the on and off again move, the inexcusably indecisive buyer, new school, new nursery, new home, pretty much new life, I have managed to squeeze in a fair bit of photography.  So as I sit here in our rented Sussex home watching the ducks waddle around the pond I take a moment to make the promise again.  So in the vain hope that anyone reads this, Bubble&Bean is still very much in action, I’m just a very naughty blogger, and I promise (again) to keep a running commentary on what we’ve been up to.


So in the last month or so here’s a list of some of the stuff B&B have been up to and will be blogging about shortly:


Chesterton Primary School - We produced an innovative multi media short film to showcase the school, all the time incorporating UNICEFs Rights Respecting.  Very proud of this and the effectiveness of the B&B style in giving an insight into the intricacies of an outstanding primary school.  


South London Young Parkinsons Network - An utterly brilliant friend of mine has Parkinsons, she’s only in her early 40s and is working tirelessly to raise both awareness and funds for SLYPN.  I have worked with Sarah to take publicity shots for a huge fundraiser that took place at The All England Lawn Tennis Club in Wimbledon.  I also shot the Ball images on the night.  It was an hugely successful event that I was extremely proud to support.


B&B families.... Had lots of fun and mischief with a good handful of new families; The Khurshids, The Halls, The Richarsons.


Kristy and Phil, ‘We Do’ - We also shoot weddings ( and with this ever so sweet engagement shoot we applied a bit of B&B style to our couple, and it’s a beauty, works an absolute treat, quirky/fun/cute LOVE!


Lawson - My friend is the mum of a delicious little beauty called Lawson, and we had a mini shoot to get him some head shoot for his blossoming modeling career (he’s 14 months, ha!!).  Not something I’ve done before, as head shots aren’t really my thing but it was super quick and he is literally born to be photographed, a delicious face and just the most divine little temperament, he never stops smiling!!


I promise to blog about each shoot and share images, right now I’m finishing the edit of the first birthday party of the first child of one of my wedding couples, and he is a diamond, such a gorgeous child, and brilliant to be around.


We’ve got some exciting work coming up with a magician’s showreel in the pipeline, we’ll be working on some magic stopmotion for this along side beautiful reportage shots of the magic man in action.


So again I’m sorry for the radio silence, life is insanely hectic at the moment and I barely have time to sleep never mind blog, but I will, I promise. 


Soph xx