New Wooden Photographic Presentation Box is now on the scene here at Bubble&Bean Family Photography here in Cuckfield, Haywards Heath.

So I discovered the amazing wooden photographic products from Wooden Banana ( a few years back and I've finally got them here at Bubble&Bean Family Photography.

I absolutely LOVE them, they are just so cool and make it feel serious special when the client receives this little kitch box of memories... Sxx

Baby Jessica’s photoshoot in Barnes, South London

5 months old and the sweetest ball of smiles that you could meet.  So it’s an utter treat when I’m booked to photograph just a baby and their parents.  Most Bubble&Bean photoshoots consist of 2+ kids engaged in an energetic combination of games, cooking, walks, crafting and all round interactive fun….  With babies it’s back to basics, there’s less narrative and the images are stripped back.  


The are two schools of thought when it comes to photographing babies; 


  1. the reportage/documentary/candid/photojournalist approach 
  2. the fine art approach


So as with my approach to photographing families with older kids I photograph babies in a natural candid way.  This means that I don’t do stylised shoots with newborn babies in which they are swaddled in cashmere and surrounded in whicker and flowers.  It’s all very personal with regards to how you want your baby photographed, there’s no right or wrong way, just different approaches, both requiring their own unique set of skills.


Baby Jessica was the easiest baby to photograph as she was alert and smiley, with not the slightest bit of separation anxiety… which meant that I got heaps of cuddles, gooogooogaagaaas and brilliant responses to my silly faces!


If you are thinking of having your baby photographed in a natural relaxed way by a baby centric nut then please do get in touch.  You only need an hour to get all those gorgeous nuances, as take it from someone who knows those early years become a blur and I still regularly look through baby pictures of my two boys and it’s the most deliciously indulgent treat…. although comes with a WARNING - it’s massively broody inducing!!!


Here’s a few pics from Jessica’s Bubble&Bean baby photoshoot.



Soph xx

Child Photographic Portraits in the Haywards Heath area of Mid Sussex (Cuckfield)

Ah I do love a secret, like LOVE a secret….  So when Tammy (a fellow Cuckfield mumma) invited Tamsin and I on a convert mission to photograph her kids (Euan 6yrs and Maisie 10 yrs) in the Hipster Diptych Photographic Studio in Cuckfield, we were seriously excited.

So this secret mission was all in the aid of Dill’s (Tammy’s husband) birthday, and for maximum impact it had to be kept a SECRET!!!  The images had to be shot, and turned into a piece of wall art all without a whisper to Dill…  not so easy with a six year old in the mix.  Everyone knows that the favourite hobby of the little people is to share a secret, especially with their dad!!

Tammy chose the classic Hipster Diptych vintage floral backdrop as she preferred the lighter touch as opposed to the heavier velvet backdrops from House of Hackney.  Tammy also had a secret weapon up her sleeve in that she is Tammy Scissorhands at….  Tammy came armed with glitter and hairpieces to turn Maisie into a unicorn, at Maisie’s request.

Such an awesome shoot.  Sometimes the stars align and this was one of those.  For me one of the wonders of photographing children’s studio portraits is the process.  The kids usually enter in trepidation then like a flower blossoming they rummage through the props and the costumes, bathe in compliments, drown in sugar, bob along to up beat tunes and boom - they BLOSSOM!!  The tender age of ten is so interesting, self conscious and beautifully innocent, Maisie started off shy and by the end she was this confident beautiful super model, empowered by her Hipster Diptych experience, she loved it and it was such a buzz to be part of her having such a great time.  Boys are a different kettle of fish in front of the Hipster Diptych camera, regardless of their age they show off, they’re given a license to goof around and they go for it, again a lot of fun.

So after we nailed the shots for the wall art we had a bit of a play using our new panelled grunge backdrop, brought at the spectacular  I love the grunge feel and the new backdrop will definitely be part of future shoots.

So THANK YOU Tammy for your beautiful children and for all your creative energy and your awesome skillz with da hair!!

Oh and the biggest testament to the success of the photoshoot is the reaction to the final framed print….  and well it reduced Dill to a blubbering ball of tears, big TICK, mission accomplished.

Here are a selection of some of the pics both behind and in front of the scenes??!?!?!!!


Family Photographers of Cuckfield (Haywards Heath) are taking summer bookings NOW!!

Spring has truly sprung here in Cuckfield (Haywards Heath) and I'm starting to build up to a very busy year of photographing kids, families, parties, and weddings....  I work all across the South East with the majority of my clients being either in London or Sussex.

I am available to photograph families, children, parties, get togethers, religious celebrations (christenings, bar mitzvahs); whether you want just a slice of your life or a beautiful memory of an occassion.

I sometimes get booked for as little as an hour and all my photography shoots come with a USB containing the retouched fullsize digital files (with a license to print).  This is really integral to the way in which I work.  I'm not photographing your family/friends to then hard sell prints to you.... I DO NOT HOLD YOUR IMAGES RANSOM!!!!  Post shoot a large selection of the images are yours.  I am shooting so that I can give you a USB full of self indulgent images which celebrate you and your family/friends.  My photographs tend to work as a series, something that you can look at time and time again and relive the moment in a creative and atmospheric way....  well that's the plan!!!

So please get in touch if you are interested in having some moments from this summer photographed by Bubble&Bean.

My rate is £150/hr which includes the USB containing the retouched full-size digital files (with license to print).

Big Thanks,

Soph xx

07887884997  (N.B.  My email has a tendency to find its way into the junk folder of other accounts - so if you get in touch and don't hear back within 24 hrs then please check your junk folder).

Bubble & Bean Family Photography of Cuckfield (Haywards Heath) is RECRUITING!!!

Bubble & Bean Family Photography of Cuckfield (Haywards Heath) is RECRUITING!!!  We’re expanding down here in Sussex and are looking for parents who are well connected and would be interested in getting free photography in exchange for introducing us to families to photograph.  For every two hours of photography booked through you (using your unique code) you get one hour of free photography (including the retouched full size digital files with license to print) from Bubble&Bean.  The photography that you get paid in can be family, baby, studio, party, prom, whatever you want, so long as it’s in a 15 mile radius of Cuckfield (anything further afield will need to be discussed).


I’m looking to start off with 5 people.  So if you are interested please contact me on and include your phone number.  My emails tend to head straight into the junk folder so please keep your eyes peeled.



Soph xx

Glamping in Norfolk

Last summer was nuts, with work, garden renovations, school holidays, it was my most full on summer so far as a mum!!


Amid the mayhem there was a long weekend of utter gorgeousness with my old school friends and their families.  Three nights in Norfolk, glamping in bell tents, playing cricket, drinking too much Prosecco, eating too much BBQ and playing ping pong in the dark???!?!??!?!!


So I barely got my camera out which is such a shame, but I just got lost in the weekend…. it happens, even to us photography junkies!!


So here are a few images, nothing fancy but a lovely reminder of that magic that still exists after 24 years of friendship - and how without the aid of genetics our kids have inherited that magic connection and although they don't all see each other much they get on like cousins.  Feeling all warm and fuzzy thinking about it, blurgh!!



Good Old Fashioned Fun - photographing a 7th birthday hang out in Brighton

Three 7 yr old boys PLUS one 9 yr old boy PLUS one 6 yr old boy PLUS three 13 yr old girls PLUS four mums PLUS one dad


Tom’s 7th BIRTHDAY party


So when you think of a 7 yr olds party, you’re thinking football, disco, laser tag, bowling, magician…. so when Tom invited 4 friends to Brighton to hangout on the beach, and try and the Scoop&Crumb experience I knew I had to bring my camera along (Tom is a mate of Herbie my eldest  - the youngest of the gang at 6 yrs old).

So I figured out that the way in which my kids socialise with other kids in the village is pretty one dimensional.  They play at school, they learn together, then they have playdates which are generally 1-2-1 and at each others houses.  At weekends we mostly hang out with family or London friends and their kids.  It’s pretty rare to take a bunch of local kids out on a day trip but after this I really want to do a lot more of it, the kids spend so much time together at school that they know each other well, so seeing them together in the big wide world was pretty cool.  

After getting the train to Brighton, which in itself was an adventure for the excitable gaggle of boys we headed down to the beach.  On the beach we canned going on the 360 as we could barely see past the end of our noses with the fog, but it really didn’t matter, throwing stones and jumping off rocks was all they needed.

For all the photography nerds out there I kept it really simple, shooting on a 50mm L series prime lens, never stopping down much beyond f2.8.  Due to the fog and the light that slowly burnt it’s way through it was literally perfect conditions for shooting.  If you are going to have your camera out at mid day then this is the type of light that you want.

I thought it’d be fun to shoot a stop-motion film, get a bit of movement and atmosphere in there.  For the moment here are some of the stills, I’ve yet to cut the film but can’t wait, the day was screaming out for stop motion!!

So after the beach, the stone throwing, the statue climbing, the pig backing, the rock jumping antics we went up through the lanes to Scoop&Crumb (  Ok drum roll please… Tam had pre-ordered an 18 SCOOP sundae, yep, 18 SCOOPS!!!!  This is literally like any sugar monkies dream, everyones eyes were on stalks and not just the sugar frenzied kids, us adults too.  It was insane, there were frozen pieces of fruit, peanut brittle, smarties, about 6 different sauces and 10 different ices cream flavours plus a mountain of cream.  The totally gross thing is that we finished it - bye bye diet!!

So here are some of my fav images of the day - I will get the film up as soon as I have cut it.



The Bubble&Bean website has had a facelift!!

So as a photographer that specialises in kids and parties I thought it was about time I had an events page on my site.  I can be hired for as little as an hour and all my fees include a usb with print ready beautifully retouched images.... in other words I don't hold your images to ransom!!!

So whether you are looking for a photographer for a kids party, family party, a prom, a 21st, a wedding anniversary, a 30th/40th/50th/60th/70th (you get the gist??!), a drinks party, a dinner party, a gig, a concert, a bbq, a sports match... well I'm available!

Photographing children’s parties is a seriously niche area; not only does it require experience and skill but also a child centric persona.  It requires someone who the kids respond to, who wholeheartedly embraces the nuttiness of childhood and has the skill to photograph it with meaning.  As I reduce the number of weddings I shoot per year to 15 I’ve started to look at other options.  I’m making a move across to party photography (mostly kids) as it’s a perfect fit for me and the stage of life that I’m at.

I've also added a testimonials page to my site so that you can hear about me straight from the horses mouth!!


Bubble&Bean family photographers of Cuckfield (Haywards Heath - Mid Sussex) are workshopping in Brighton...

Friday 30th Sept - PHOTO WALK IN BRIGHTON with me!!

I'm running a three hour photography workshop on the streets of Brighton on Friday 30th Sept. We'll (Cuckfield locals) get the train from Haywards Heath (the 09:58), walk down to the seafront where we will go through the basics before moving onto creating a series of images that work together incorporating landscapes, portraits, details and documentary images.

There'll be hands on tuition and tips, with a group feedback session at the end.

Included in the walk is my undivided attention for three hours, all expenses (food and transport) are up to the individual.

Cost is £25 for the three hours with a minimum of 3 attendees and a maximum of 6 attendees.

Please let me know if you're up for it.... 07887884997.

All levels of experience and skill can be catered for.

Soph xx

It's official - Bubble&Bean family photographers of Cuckfield (Sussex) now photograph dogs too!!

So they say never work with kids or animals , well I'm going for the double whammy, ha!!


My last blog post was focused on finding 5 dogs for a test dog photo shoot here in Cuckfield (Sussex)...  well Facebook did me a big old favour and the power of social media shone down on me.  After a mere 6 hours of putting the offer of free dog shoots on the Haywards Heath Gossip Facebook page and the Cuckfield Gossip Facebook page I had over 30 dog owners interested in the free photoshoot...  Names were pulled and Thursday morning came with the risk of rain hovering above.  The dogs arrived one by one and in a couple of cases two by two and I loved it.  I'm used to high paced, high drama shoots so hanging out around the corner from my house with a bunch of well behaved pooches was bliss!

I scoped out four backdrops, each different and interesting in its own way; the white door in the middle of a textured brick wall, a white barked leafless tree, a patch of daffodils and a black clad wall.  I took a full length and a tight cropped portrait of each dog in those locations with the specific aim of creating a diptych (two images side by side) that could then be framed and hung on the wall.

Some of the dogs (like Siegfried) were born to be photographed and were really easy, he stood still with poise and elegance with a texture on his coat that the camera loved.  Then other dogs needed more encouragement to get the facials (like the ever so handsome Max).  With Max we played some noise from an iPhone app (door bells, cats, high pitched frequencies...) and this really worked for him, he had no problem sitting still it was just getting his expression to become almost humanlike that required a little more work.  Then there was Charlie the chocolate lab with the piercing eyes, he just couldn't keep his mouth shut!  He was however super smart and really well trained, and the shine on his coat when the sun hit it really worked photographically.  Finally the two Beagles, Toby and Poppy.  These guys were total pros and the black lines that define their eyes gave quite a graphic quality to their closeups.  I think when you photograph two dogs together it's asking for trouble, and a lot harder work as they egg each other on like small children, but we got the shots so no harm done!

So I have to admit one teeny weeny problem, which came in the form of two gorgeous King Charles Spaniels.  Now they were the only two I was worried about as I know the breed well, and I was pretty certain they wouldn't stay still or calm long enough to get a decent shot.  So out of the five sessions yesterday I had one fail.  I am not to be defeated though, I just recognised that some dogs need to be photographed in their own environment, so I'm paying these two beauties a visit at home to get their portraits nailed.

So that's it folks we are officially up and running here in Cuckfield (Sussex) to not only photograph your children but your dogs too!!

You can find information regarding prices at the 'dogs' link at the top of the home page, or just follow this link


Big Thanks,

Soph xx




5 Free Dog Photoshoots Up For Grabs in Cuckfield #dogphotography #sussexphotographer

Cuckfield's Bubble&Bean family photographers are spreading their wings, yep we're moving into animal photography!!  So to build up our portfolio we are offering 5 lucky dog owners the opportunity to have their hound photographed by Sophie.

How to win a photoshoot for your dog:

All you need to do is LIKE and SHARE the Bubble&Bean Family Photography FB page ( today, stating your dog's name, age and breed.... that's it!!  I will then randomly choose 5 lucky muts and announce the winners tomo on FB.

Rules to Enter:

  • Most importantly you need to be available this Thurs (7th April 2016) between 9am and 11:30am to come to the Cuckfield Recreation Ground for a 30 mins photoshoot of your dog.
  • Your dog needs to be trained off the lead and come when called!!
  • All dog owners must give permission for the images of their dog to be used (both in print and online) to promote Bubble&Bean Dog Photography
  • In return all five dog owners will receive a link to the fully edited images of their dog which they can print as large as they like!!

So get sharing and liking on FB folks!

Here's a couple of images of my Cavachon Buster, one pre haircut in the snow and one yesterday after his chop with the amazing Jane at Lotty Locks (Hassocks).


Soph xx


A look inside a photographer's holiday snaps - turning the Bubble&Bean camera on my own family!

I spend the majority of my time photographing other peoples lives, so every now and again when I photograph my own family, well it’s an indulgence and a massive perk of the job, having such beautiful memories wrapped up in these delicious images…


So last summer (August 2015) we headed up to north Wales on our annual summer holiday to our little slice of paradise on Llanbedrogg beach.  Paradise conjures up images of white sand, palm trees, infinity pools, gin on your cornflakes (?!?!?)…. so this is NOT that, it’s better!!!  It’s ferrel kids, roaming the beach at 6am in pjs, sitting on walls eating fish and ships, building dams, running naked in the waves, digging giant castles, eating, singing, dancing in the rain, bonfires, sharing baths, laughing, all without a care in the world.  I know that regardless of how busy we’ve been (and believe me last summer was the busiest I have EVER been work wise), it all just floats away once the journey down the long steep drive to Foxhole starts.


So I wrote a long blog post about our trip in the summer of 2014 …  which you can read here (saves me repeating myself on the sentimental stuff!).


This year my oldest friend (well she’s more of a sister really), her man and two daughters came with us.  Now Danine (my bff) and I used to come to Foxhole together when we were kids.  Our grandparents had worked together and our parents were great friends, so two weeks of every summer all 10 of us would squeeze into Foxhole for our ‘summer holiday’.  Danine hadn’t been back for 25 years, so it was a HUGE trip down memory lane for her, and incredible to see our kids playing on the beach in exactly the same way that we used to play.  We were blessed with the weather (which is totally unpredictable) and had such a gorgeous week of good old fashioned fun, and a much need recharge for everyone.


Photography wise, I didn’t go nuts and take my camera everywhere but I got lots of the kids on the beach, and they just look so happy and healthy, such a boost to see when you’re emerging from what feels like the eternal winter.  So after having a full on year in 2015 we got back from Foxhole, I dumped the images on a hard drive and then completely forgot about them.  Now this week has been awful, we’ve all had the norovirus and feel completely drained… so as I was beginning to feel better and Arlo was sleeping on the sofa I thought I’d have a peak at the Foxhole images, see what I had.  OMG honestly, it completely rejuvenated me, all the memories started flooding back, vivid gorgeous memories and it was such a huge boost.  The power of photography is insane, it’s not just a record and memory aid, it’s a reflection of you, your subjects and pretty much everything in between. This trip down memory lane serves as a strong reminder of how very quickly memories can fade and how it’s all the seemingly insignificant moments that hold so much power in years to come.  I will eventually put a stop motion film together but for the moment here are some favs from a series of over 450 images!!


Tech talk

I only took my 5D mark 111 and my 50mm 1.2 L series lens.  No faff, kept it simple, just meant I had to work harder and move around more to get the shots, which is always a good thing I think!!





The Hipster Diptych Travelling Photo Salon - Taking a fresh approach to photographing kids - same ethos, different product!

So as a family photographer I’ve always been a big one for photographing kids in their own environment, capturing the family dynamic in a series of images…. 


So why the new approach, why photograph kids in the studio??


Well I haven’t given up as a photojournalist, and I haven't given up on trying to capture the essence of kids, far from it.  I felt though that I could use my experience as a portrait photographer to create quite stylised portraits of kids.  The idea was to take all the lighting skills I’d built up over the years of shooting for TV and advertising and to combine it with the ability to get kids excited.


So when my very talented art director friend (Tamsin) and I started discussing the potential, the Hipster Diptych Travelling Salon was born.  We came up with the concept of creating highly personalised images of kids that were designed specifically as WALL ART.  We’d apply the styling and aesthetic of the commercial world with highly personalised graphics on the boards that the kids would be photographed holding… boom!!


We have just completed our first official Salon, photographing 6 sets of siblings in one day at the Hayloft at The Talbot in Cuckfield (Sussex).  The images are more than we could have hoped for and over the last 48 hours we have poured over every pixel.  So the images are cooking and the families will receive their images this week.  We will post a few images once we deliver but in the mean time here are a few behind-the-scene images from our Cuckfield photo adventure.





“I’m a photographer, do I take my camera to my god daughter’s christening??!!” #christening #photography #cuckfield #sussex #relaxed #informal #photojournalism #documentary

Big fat YES obviously but it does bring up an interesting conundrum common to photojournalists… 


So when you’re a photographer there are times in your life when you can’t even walk down the street without seeing images, seriously!!  This way of viewing the world opens up so many interesting opportunities and you develop an acute sense of which moments are precious.  This can be a blessing, you see things in depth, you appreciate beautiful light, interesting juxtapositions, but it can also be a bind.  When you are behind the lens you aren't engaging in the same way as others, those in front of your lens, you’re on the outside… so getting the balance of being in the moment, yet still being acutely observant, can be a challenge.


So when my gorgeous God Daughter Rose had her christening I took my camera along and for the first time ever I managed to not get consumed by taking photographs and to fully enjoy myself.  Ok so coverage is not any where near as thorough as it would have been had I been there is a professional capacity but there are some beautiful images and they do their job perfectly well at capturing a very special day.


So that’s it folks…. Here are a few stand out images, enjoy!



Photographing families on Wimbledon Common - THE perfect setting #family #photography #documentary

I approached with care, I had been warned, the kids are excited, mum is keen BUT daddy is not a fan of having his photo taken.


So I thought I’d need to be on the charm offensive, try to make the shoot at least bearable for the dad.   I was not expecting to be greeted by one of the most charismatic men I’ve ever met, who wholeheartedly led the shoot in a series of goofy antics…. few, big relief!!


Being folk of the SW19 variety it seemed a natural move to head onto Wimbledon common, walk around the lake and then head back to Southfields for a cuppa and more fun.


Firstly the girls are just divine, their temperament, their beautiful big eyes, but it was their adoring parents that made the shoot.  It was all so easy, and as a result they were all incredibly relaxed infront of the camera.  The photographs are just beautiful and really capture the family dynamic, and the film even made me cry and I’m not even related to them, ha!!


So please enjoy the film, it’s a beaut!!


Soph xx




"kids portraits are boring - let's get bonkers" #Cuckfield #kids #portrait #photography


Roll Up Roll Up... The Hipster Diptych Travelling Photo Salon is now taking bookings!!!

Please see image for details.

Hour long sessions are taking place at The Talbot (Cuckfield) on Sat 5th March...

We'd love to fill all of the places in our first session, so if you could please spread the word and SHARE this post, that would be AWESOME, thank you.

Soph and Tamsin xx
"creators of organised chaos"

Let's talk cost, what do you get and how much does it cost??!

  • a 1hr session at one of our awesome pop up studios PLUS a 50 x 50cm mounted and framed print of a montage of  6 diptychs (12 portraits) =  £250
  • For an additional £150 you will receive a presentation box containing a wooden usb stick with the full size jpegs of both the montage and 12+ individual portraits with a license to print. These additional digital files will be graded and contain any text you wish, you could have them say: Thank You, Congratulations, Get Well, Happy Easter, Happy Fathers Day, Happy Mothers Day, Happy Birthday, Happy Christmas...  Get cards sorted at the same time as some wall art.

Bubble&Bean Family Photographers of Cuckfield are now photographing funky portrait montages



In a complete deviation from my normal photojournalistic approach to photographing a family I am now testing the waters with a shoot that is engineered entirely for the creation of some wall art for your home.


So what you get - 


A large framed print made up of a series of fun studio lit portraits of your kids holding up a board with the text of your choice in a medley of different languages..  The Bubble&Bean favourite is “I Love You” .


As well as this you get a usb memory stick containing the full site jpegs of both the montage image and the individual portraits.


The cost of this is £275.


And here’s the concept - 


A beautiful FUN montage of  images of your kids goofing around, wearing moustaches, silly hats, wigs, and well just being kids…


Stylistically the images are heavily lit with off camera strobe lights (aka flash), which creates a very filmic beautiful effect.


In the post production my graphics guru and creator of the concept Tamsin puts in the text (I shoot the images using a plain black board) and grades the images to give them a signature cross processed kind of vibe (think of a VERY posh instagram??!?!).


“What an absolutely amazing present. You are a super talented wonderful lady and the photos you took of my little buggers is the best bloody present ever.  Super duper huge thank you. Xxxxxxxxx” Annabel (her friends sneakily arranged this as a surprise for her 40th)

Fab new stop-motion film...

It’s been a while since I blogged, so lots to share...  the summer has been immensely full and utterly rewarding.  Every weekend has seen me immersed in the love and life of others and has left me amazed by my insatiable appetite for documenting life.  The more I shoot, the more I notice, the more I crave to accomplish true meaning within my coverage....  Excuse the gush, it’s been a long week and well I love what I do, I pour so much of myself into it, that it’s hard not tolet it all escape in a big flood of gooeyness every now and again.


I’ve had some great Bubble&Bean shoots this summer in which the families have whole heartedly embraced the Bubble&Bean experience and just GOT IT!!  So they threw themselves into their shoots, indulging their children, and showering them in fun and love, as a result the images are full of soul, full of life and utterly true to themselves.  At the end of the day what I set out to achieve with Bubble&Bean is a set of images which work together asseries to tell the story of your family, amidst the mayhem there are some formal group shots but by the time we hit those the kids are so at ease in front of the camera that there isn’t an awkward ‘cheese’ grin in sight.


This is a film from my fav B&B shoot of the summer... this gorgeous family really got the most out of their shoot, by following the simple number 1 rule of; BE PREPARED!!  By preperared I’m talking about stuff to set the scene, they brought a teddy bears picnic, balls, outfit changes, ginger bread making kit, toys...  This made my life incredibly easy as the kids were occupied, interacting with their parents, whilst I documented... Here’s the resulting film, really fab.


I’ll be updating the B&B site soon with lots of fresh faces that I’ve photographed over the summer.  We’re taking christmas voucher bookings now... a B&B shoot makes a great christmas present, we provide gorgeous vouchers which are valid for one year from their purchase.



Stop Motion Magic

So when magician David Abel approached B&B HQ about shooting his showreel, well we were more than just a little bit excited... 

David is not what you expect, he’s unassuming, he’s laid back, and his tricks are jaw-droppingly good.  With effortless charm and a smile that goes on forever David was an absolute pleasure to work with.  I was like a kid in a sweet shop, getting close up to the tricks but still not having a clue how they were pulled off, impressed is an understatement!

So feast your eyes on this, the aim was to give his clients an insight into the way he works, and the atmosphere that his presence creates.