Where Is Bubble&Bean Based?

Bubble&Bean are based in Cuckfield (Haywards Heath - Mid Sussex) specialising in photographing children, families and events/parties in a beautiful, natural, candid way.  Bubble&Bean Photography covers mostly West Sussex and Greater London, but is more than happy to travel further afield to photograph families, events or parties.


Bubble&Bean is a one mumma band consisting of me Sophie Mitchell,  a photographer suffering with a touch of Peter Pan syndrome!! (urban dictionary definition: "The uncontrollable undeniable natural yearning to stay forever young at heart. Not immature but playful.”)

I’ve been a professional photographer since 2007, before then I was a TV producer, mostly working on travel documentaries.  As a photographer I’ve always chased the most beautiful version of reality and strived to tell real stories in a vivid, charming way.  I always new that in some shape or form I’d end up working with kids purely because of the way that I whole hardly embrace my inner child.  I started off my photography career with a degree, a few exhibitions and a bit of commercial work, which I loved.  I became a mum for the first time in 2010 by which time I was starting to establish myself as a wedding photographer, which is now a very big part of my life and I massively enjoy.  Once I was a mum I very quickly realised what a massive demand there was for very real yet strikingly beautiful images of family life, and that is exactly what I do.  

Looking at the thousands of images that I've taken of my little family is a massive, gorgeous indulgence which has this amazing power to move me and it’s a beautiful feeling.  This is what I try and do for my clients and it feels incredible to be able to beautifully package up these slices of life in such tangible little memories, it's precious and incredibly fulfilling to do.

As for me I’ve yet to meet a kid that took longer than a minute to warm up, seriously, in a previous life I must have been Father Christmas, it’s all very natural and fun and definitely high energy.  Before all family shoots I put the leg work in to make sure we have the most beautiful, meaningful locations and do the most engaging, fun things with the kids. 

Outside my life as a photographer I’m a mum, a wife, a daughter, a sister and a bessie.  I’m laid back, fun loving and not easily fazed!  I take this open minded lust for life along with me to all my shoots.

Random facts…

I’m trainer obsessed, I’m a hopeless romantic, I’ve been to Thailand 8 times, I married my first love, I listen to BBC 6 music almost religiously, I’m an interiors nut, I’ve had over 40 nicknames, I’m a terrible singer and I can do a seriously convincing Scouse accent.

As well as photographing families and kids I also photograph around 15 weddings a year and around 30 events, which can be anything from a christening to a 40th birthday party.  My event photography is of a photojournalistic nature and can be viewed through my wedding site: