"Thanks for our fantastic pics and film - we will treasure it forever!!!"
Jamie Theakston

Welcome to Bubble & Bean – creative and unique family photography in Cuckfield (Sussex), producing timeless images and life-long memories. 

what we do...

At Bubble & Bean family photography we love to capture your family just being themselves. We’re available to photograph all family moments, from the introduction of a new sibling to birthday parties to just hanging out on the weekend.

We like to be a bit different in our approach to family photography. We are on a mission to take family photography into your home and your favourite places. Our photo shoots capture your family in an organic way, not only in a single frame but in a series of intimate images that burst with personality.

Our family photo shoots don’t consist of self-conscious posing; you set the scene and we photograph what happens naturally. The end result is a series of beautifully constructed family photos put together either in a coffee table book, framed on the wall or even crafted into a short/emotive film.  The most important mission that we are on is to create a timeless record of your family with meaningful images which have the power to move you in years to come.  We approach family/child photography with a documentary/reportage style, capturing all those small, intimate moments as well the big ones, meaning you’ll have a set of beautiful memories presented in a unique way. 

We are based in Cuckfield, Haywards Heath (West Sussex) but happily travel to Brighton, London and surrounds for family photoshoots, parties, christenings... 


The Bubble & Bean Experience FILMS combine strong imagery, cool music and kooky stop motion photography in a short film that can be shared online, burnt to DVD and watched for years to come. 

We also shoot a number of other special moments including births, christenings, birthday parties, family gatherings…all the occasions you want to remember!  



what is stop motion photography?..

We love stop motion and use it with family photography to create our bespoke Bubble & Bean Experience films. Stop motion photography works by shooting a single frame of an object or person, then moving the object slightly and shooting another frame. When the images run continuously, the illusion of fluid motion is created and the objects appear to move by themselves. This is similar to the animation of cartoons or flip books and gives our films a nostalgic, cine-quality as well as allowing you to enjoy your family photos in story form as well as stand-alone pictures.

our aim...

Our aim with all family photo shoots is to leave you with a collection of atmospheric images that will transport you back to the family moments that pass us by so quickly: the belly-laughing, nose-picking, hide and seeking, sofa-snoozing, butterfly-kissing, pirate-bashing, fairy-finding, piggy-back-riding, den-making, cake-baking, bike-riding, swing-pushing, bubble-popping, tower-building, mud-eating, brother-ribbing rough and tumbles that make childhood an adventure every day.